Destination; Tortola
Captain; Hanna Golebiewska

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09th Jan 2017; Arrived

09th Jan 2017; Captain reports

I am cleared in VG and shall be in Maya Cove in 1,5 hour.

04th Jan 2017; ETA BVI 09th January

24th Dec 2016; Captain reports

Merry Christmas to all the fleet and the land base. All fine. Last night gusts to 47 kts. Only genoa. We celebrate with Polish beetroot soup and Italian panetone.

20th Dec 2016; Captain reports

ETA 12th January  Now I go 9kts but who knows winds later? The boat and crew are fine. We sail beam reach with both sails.

18th Dec 2016; Departed Canaries

11th Dec 2016; Departed Cascais

09th Dec 2016; Captain reports


From the above it looks like we start on Sunday. There are two other Lagoons here heading to DYC/Tortola. We may go together as buddies.

06th Dec 2016; Meet other Dream Yachts on delivery. Arrived Cascais and engine service completed

04th Dec 2016; Captain reports;

Technical: an autopilot controller switches off itself. Just the controller, AP works and can be operated from a chartplotter. ETA Cascais Tue evening.

01st Dec 2016; Charter items reported missing

– three life jackets
– oil skins
– suit blanket
– log book
– juicer
– outboard
– anti theft cable
– halogen light
– nav light (dinghy?)
– dinghy breaker (kill switch)
– emergency flag

Dream Yacht advised

29th Nov 2016; Crew on board and started to report condition


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