L450#703 Orange

Destination; Tenerife
Captain; Philippe Hoebeke




11th July 2018; Captain reports;

Hi Nick, We arrived at 2 a.m. in front of the marina but sea was pretty rough and we had 35knts so we called the marina(24h service) to ask if the entry was not too complicated due to conditions. They told us that it was, so we’re waiting around for the rising sun to get in. Wind is not so hard now so were going in in some minutes. We have 2 problems on board:

  1. The easy bag has a little rip. We don’t know if it was already there before we get on board because the boat sailed before. See photo below.
  2. The shackle of the main sail halyard has unscrewed on the top of the mast.
    There’s no mast chair on board.

10th July 2018; ETA Tenerife 11th July. No problems reported.

05th July 2018; Winds too strong to pass through straits. Stopped in Gibraltar. No problems reported.

05th July 2018; Departed Smir

04th July 2018; Arrived Smir

02nd July 2018; Initial engine service completed. Departing Cascais. ETA Smir 04th July PM

30th June 2018; Arrived Cascais

26th June 2018; Departed Les Sables

26th June 2018; Planning to depart this morning

25th June 2018; Captain reports;

We were ready to go this morning. We didn’t know that we should go and get the palet. (375kg +life raft+ battery charger+ all the other stuff). Martin answered at 1pm, he is very busy, not available before 4pm. We  borrowed a car to manage ourselves.

Everything is now on the dock but we’re far from the boat. We’ll send photos when everything will be on board. We need to take the car to his owner before 1700.

25th June 2018; Loading packages

22nd June 2018; Crew on board;



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