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24th Nov 2016; Arrived Hodges Creek

24th Nov 2016; Arrived Virgin Gorda

18th Nov 2016; Weather Router Service reports

Ok position,
Weather forecast

Wind ENE  13-17knots
Swell  1.7meter
Pressure 1013hpa

Wind E to ENE 12-16knots
Swell ENE 1.7meter
Pressure 1012hpa

Wind ENE 9-14knots
Swell ENE 1.6meter
Pressure 1011hpa
Wind E 11-15knots
Swell ENE 1.7meter
Pressure 1013hpa

Waypoint10 19.53N 48.01W modify
Waypoint 11 19.43N 50.41W

Distance to go 1070nm
ETA Virgin Gorda +5 days

17th Nov 2016; Captain reports

Motorsailing now. We have enough to motor all the way at 1800 – 2000 rpm. 3.5 to 4.5 liters per hour. This was carefully planned. Currently making 8kts VMG

IF, repeat IF they able to maintain 8kts then ETA Virgin Gorda +6 days

15th Nov 2016; Captain reports

Lat: 21 30.34N
Lon: 037 43.25W
SOG: 7ts
COG: 245°M Gybed at 05:00UTC
TWD: 095°M
TWS: 17kts
Baro: 1015hpa

14th Nov 2016; Captain reports

SOG: 5 to 9Kts
COG: 310°M
Has been anywhere between 220° and 330° all afternoon and night due to squalls with sudden wind shifts and up to 30kts

TWD: 068° to 110°M
TWS: 7 to 30kts
Baro: 1015hpa

Looking for more settled weather. These wind shifts are affecting our VMG quite markedly.

09th Nov 2016; On board observations

Time: 05:00UTC 09/11/16
Lat: 27 19.76N Lon: 023 24.21W
SOG: 6.3Kts COG: 230°M
TWD: 081°M TWS: 22kts
Baro: 1024hpa

08th Nov 2016; Weather Router has updated the Captain.

Waypoint 2  27.41N 23.59W  |  Waypoint 3 27.07N 27.10W

07th Nov 2016; Departed Canaries. Heading for waypoint 1. ETA BVI 24th Nov.

07th Nov 2016; Latest report from Weather Router to Captain


Wind N 9-10knots to NE 16-24knots

Swell N 1.5 to 1.9meters

Pressure 1019hpa


Wind ENE 19-25knots

Swell WNW 2.3 meters

Pressure 1020hpa


Wind E 16-24knots Rain possible

Swell ENE 2.2.3meters

Pressure 1024hpa


Vent E 15-22knots

Swell E 2metres

Pressure 1024hpa

 Suggested Waypoints

Waypoint 1 28.07N 20.58W

Waypoint 2  27.41N 23.59W



06th Nov 2016; Captain reports

There is a problem with the marina fuel. There’s now a tanker coming at 8am Monday for us. We’ll be away as soon as we’ve completed fueling.

03rd Nov 2016; Arrived Canaries

01st Nov 2016; Captain reports

Watermaker tested. All good. Eta Canaries. Thurs

28th Oct 2016; Latest updates

  • Extra fuel cans arriving today.
  • Polar diagram(see dowload above) sent to weather router to assist.
  • Discovered that shore socket for climate system was wired incorrectly. Fixed and working perfectly now.

26th Oct 2016; Arrived Cascais. Yachtworks coming tomorrow for engines service. Genset only 25hrs. Oil and filter after first 50 according to book. So not on the to do list. Also have issue with shore power socket. Yachtworks going to look at that as well. We are organising additional fuel cans with a local guy (friend of Jorge Ventura).

24th Oct 2016; 10.30 GMT Departed La Coruna

24th Oct 2016; Captain Reports

We will be departing La Coruna today at around 11-12am. This gives the weather currently off Finisterre (30knts Southerly) chance to drop off and move out in to the Atlantic and us the best opportunity to go from here to Cascais without further stops.

21st Oct 2016; Arrived La Coruna due to poor weather.


Captain reports;

A bolt holding the door to the outside ‘VIP’ cabin worked it’s way loose and fell on to the floor ………… We’ve put the bolt back but I think this fixing should have a spring washer as I can see this happening again

19th Oct 2016; Departed La Rochelle

18th Oct 2016; 10.00 Moved to ramp to replace prop

14th Oct 2016; 10.57 Advised to divert to to La Rochelle for quick repairs. ETA later today

14th Oct 2016; 10.41 captain reports

We have water ingress. Port Aft cabin. Possibly around hatch edge or could be through moulding. I’ve made a video but can’t send it until I have WiFi. We’re heading in to Royan this afternoon.

14th Oct 2016; Departed Bordeaux

13th Oct 2016; Captain reports

We had a couple of little bits to do. The tide time are unfavorable and it’s free mooring here. So we’ll probably go tomorrow morning.

12th Oct 2016; Looking to depart tomorrow for Royan and then wait for good weather to cross Biscay

10th Oct 2016; Crew on board

06th Oct 2016; SV reports boat will not be ready for handover when crew arrive today. He reserved one room for crew at my request for one night in same hotel.



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