Lagoon 450 “Great Adventures”

lagoon 450The yacht was purchased for charter work in the Caribbean. The Owner had not owned a catamaran before and required assistance to prepare himself, his family and the yacht for the project.

Reliance Yacht Management was able to assist and provide the expertise to make the transition from Yacht Owner to Charter Operator .

Reliance Yacht management provided;

Charter Inventory – Delivery Service – Orientation – Crisis Management – Private Tuition

Before the yacht was commissioned, RYM was able to identify, source and supply all the charter equipment required on board. This included not just all the safety equipment, engine spares, ground tackle etc. but also the fun stuff like wakeboards and inflatable rings. Reliance Yacht Management negotiated trade prices from suppliers and pass that discount onto the client. All the equipment was consolidated, put onto pallets and delivered to the yacht on the day the commissioning was completed. As part of his initial inspection of the yacht, the delivery captain was able to check the inventory and load on board.

The captain identified some minor issues with the yacht and Reliance liaised with the manufacturer to have them corrected by the factory before they departed for La Rochelle to meet the Owner.  The client flew in from the US to be greeted on board with Champagne and hors d’oeuves. The next 5 days was spent introducing the client to the yacht and completing a comprehensive orientation process. By the end of it, the client was able to sail, manoeuvre, anchor, dock and maintain his new purchase. We gave him the confidence to feel safe and really enjoy the yacht.

The brief was then to take the yacht into the Mediterranean and be ready for the first guests to join in Palma de Majorca. Reliance appointed one of its most experienced and respected delivery captains for this task. The weather was kind and progress was good across Biscay. The client was informed of progress at all times through our on board satellite tracking system. The initial engine service was completed in La Coruna with minimum delays. However it was identified that water had been able to enter the transmission oil on one engine through a faulty seal. The full weight of the Reliance management support went into full swing at this point. The charter deadline and limited facilities along the route to haul out a 45ft catamaran became the challenge. The yacht continued under sail and only using one engine. Facilities was identified and booked for a stopover in Lisbon. However as soon as they arrived we discovered that parts were not available locally and would need to be ordered adding 2 days and a weekend to the delay. The Captain was advised to continue. The yacht continued non-stop to Palma. Whilst at sea the shore based support at Reliance lined up facilities and service personnel in Palma who were literally waiting on the dock when they arrived.

The client was kept appraised of the situation at all times and could not have been more pleased when he flew in with his guests. The delivery captain was retained for a further few days to provide private tuition and give the guests a great start to their vacation.


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