Lagoon 450#565

Destination; Antigua
Captain; Andy mallion




29th Dec 2016; Arrived Antigua

21st Dec 2016; Captain’s report via satphone

Conditions have settled to check engines
Oil levels are good – no loss of oil
No further ingress of water detected since leaving Cape Verde.
There is minimal discolouration at lower level but generally all good.

21st Dec 2016; Weather routing

Next days more wind and arge short period wind waves.
2112 wind ENE 18-25kts swell ENE 2.8m
2212 wind ENE 24-28kts swell ENE 3m
2312 wind ENE 25-28kts swell ENE 3.3m
Wp2 17.09N 35.48W
Wp3 17.17N 39.39W

20th Dec 2016; First of daily weather routing support sent.

2012 wind ENE 19-26kts swell NW 3 to 2.8m
2112 wind ENE 17-24kts swell ENE 2.8m
2212 ENE 24-28kts swell ENE 3m
Wp1 16.52N 32.38W
Wp2 17.09N 35.48W

19th Dec 2016; Report following telephone conversation with Captain

Running downwind in 30kts with only headsail making 6.5+ knots

Saildrive seals were replaced on port and starboard whilst in the Cape Verdes. There was no indication or remains of fishing lines or netting.

As the changes were made whilst the boat was afloat, the oil/water mix was flushed and replaced several times until oil appeared clear before departure. After departure the Owner reports water in the oil again. They have additional oil and pump on board to carry out further oil changes when conditions allow.

At present they are sailing with the props freewheeling. This is causing aeration in the oil. A better assessment can be made when conditions are settled.

We are appointing an independent weather router to advise boat to maximise use of wind and minimise reliance on engines.

17th Dec 2016; Departed Cape Verdes

15th Dec 2016; Parts located and seals being replaced whilst boat in water

15th Dec 2016; Captain reports “mayonnaise” in both engines. Engineer on board. Waiting to see if parts are available locally.

14th Dec 2016; Arrived Cape Verdes

09th Dec 2016; Departed Las Palmas. ETA Cape Verde 14th Dec

08th Dec 2016; Arrived Las Palmas

28th Nov 2016; Engine service completed. Weather forecast delays departure.









27th Nov 2016; Arrived Cascais

24th Nov 2016; Departed Les Sables. ETA Cascais 28th Nov

18th Nov 2016; Owner reports

Hi Nick, these are the items that we are still missing.  We received some items today but this is what is still missing.  We want it on record this list.

Missing items
Oil skin
Log book
2nd dingy repair kit on list
Anti theft cable
Dinghy breaker
Outboard motor 9 hp
Navigation light

18th Nov 2016; Weather reports

Gale warning – Issued: 1605 UTC on Thursday 17 November 2016
Westerly gale force 8 continuing
Wind; West or northwest 6 to gale 8.
Sea state; Rough or very rough, occasionally high.
Weather; Thundery showers.
Visibility; Good, occasionally poor.

14th Nov 2016; Crew on board


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