You may wish to see your yacht generate its own income. Many privately owned yachts are chartered out, either to individuals or corporations. Income generated by chartering can help to defray operating costs and can be geared to provide an operating profit for the owner.

We are well placed to advise you on all aspects of this type of business opportunity.

  • Advice on best areas of operation
  • Co-ordinate an effective marketing plan
  • Oversee the design, production and distribution of promotional literature
  • Organize PR and advertising
  • Create regular Maintenance Schedules

Once you have made your decision to make your yacht available for charter, sales have to be well organised and a diary kept. Crews need to be employed, from skipper to chef to deckhand.

Here too Reliance has the skills and expertise to help and take over the responsibility for the efficient running of the yacht.

  • Negotiating terms with established charter brokers and clearing houses
  • Organizing the yacht’s diary
  • Selection and recruitment of suitable crew
  • Providing regular statement of account
  • Providing a regular booking status report
  • Liaising with the yacht’s captain on diary, charter requirements, budgets, etc.


We are tasked to generate income for the the super yacht Grace Kelly.  Do you want us to make money for you?


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