Manufacturer & Charter Company Manage Fleet More Efficiently

South Africa Yacht Manufacturer and Charter Company required to manage fleet more efficiently and reduce operating costs.

After a period of consultation with the client, Reliance implemented a management system to improve the efficient use of boats within their fleet, whilst on delivery and charter. Central to the system was satellite tracking units provided by Reliance and installed on their yachts.

The Internet based system which uses GPS positioning and INMARSAT communications allows the fleet managers to efficiently run each yacht more effectively. Live data on the position, course and speed of each yacht provides valuable information enabling yacht managers to make key decisions on the best us of resources and maximising charter availability and therefore income.

Benefits to the client were;

  • Increased efficient use of resources.
  • Greater security against misuse and theft.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Cost of implementation paid for by yacht owners.


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