US Yacht Dealer Needed to Improve QC Proceedure

US Dealer for new yachts needed to improve finished quality and reduce warranty issues and costs.

Reliance Yacht Management  developed a quality control procedure specific to each model produced. Experienced bilingual personnel were trained and employed in France to carry out the commissioning, complete the QC inspection and liaise with the After Sales department to ensure all issues were resolved before delivery.

The reports provided by Reliance were far more thorough than the factory’s and included pictures and video to assist the client in making decisions.

A clear feedback loop was created with the manufacturer, the dealer and the delivery company which provided important information on each yacht and continually improved the quality of subsequent production.

The benefits to the client were;

  • The US dealer received yachts of a higher standard than his competitors and developed a reputation for excellence.
  • The yachts arrived ready and presentable for owners to receive their new yacht immediately without delays for warranty issues.
  • Because all warranty issues were dealt with by the factory before delivery, they were without costs in time and money to the dealer.
  • By using Reliance to oversee all aspects of the delivery from factory gate to destination a QC report can be made at each stage with continuity with a clear documented audit trail of the yacht’s condition up to the point of handover to the client.
  • The inspection, report and feedback loop created, ensured the dealer always had the best finished yacht.


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