Crew T&Cs

crew registration terms & condition

Reliance Yacht Management  offers an introduction service and provides details of vacancies supplied by yacht captains, yacht owners and business employers serving the sailing community. Reliance Yacht Management cannot warrant the accuracy of the details given to them and we advise all registered crew to satisfy themselves as to the suitability and safety of any yachts or place of employment and the competence of the captain and employer.
It must be recognised that there are risks associated with sailing and that Reliance Yacht Management cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury loss or damage however caused as the result of an introduction. We strongly advise all members to have suitable travel, health and liability insurance.
All information provided by Reliance Yacht Management is subject to copyright and provided for the exclusive use of a registered member. Registered members agree that details and any other information provided must not be passed to any other person under any circumstances. Any breach of this requirement will result in immediate termination of membership.
Membership is not available to those owning, operating or developing a crewing agency or introductory service within the sailing community or operating a business similar to that of Reliance Yacht Management. Any breach of this condition may result in legal action
Crew Membership entitles members to priority access to personal contact details of yacht owners and employers. Reliance Yacht Management reserve the right to refuse suspend or terminate membership at their sole discretion. Membership is open to all over the age of 18 and yo all levels of experience subject to acceptance. Crew Membership is available by subscription only and all fees due are payable on registration.
Membership is non-transferable and Reliance Yacht Management is unable to provide credit or refunds for any unused portion of membership.
By registering you authorise Reliance Yacht Management to forward your details in the course of their agency. Contact Reliance Yacht Management and  state if you do not wish to have your details forwarded to yacht Owners and employers. 


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