About Us


Reliance Yacht Management has been delivering and managing yachts since the 1980s. We focus our knowledge and expertise on quality, and as a result, our service has an international reputation for excellence. Beginning life as a one-man startup, Reliance has evolved into an enthusiastic team of Captains, Crew, and Operational Support, spread throughout the globe but all driven to deliver excellent service.

Whether your boat is a sailing yacht or a motor vessel, a heritage model or straight from the factory, destined for a boat show or a far flung corner of the globe, Reliance will provide a solution to relocate your vessel. Quality and distinction is at the heart of everything we do at Reliance, and so we continuously work to ensure that our high standards are met and that Reliance Yacht Management is a delivery company you can trust.

Neel 47#18

Reliance offers a unique multi-modal service, whether by sail or ship, we like to provide our customers with the safest and most efficient delivery method. Wherever you or your vessel is located in the world, we can provide a relocation solution that best suits you.

Balance 526#8

Reliance provides an end-to-end delivery and management service. We can provide quality control, handover, safety equipment, sea trials, export documentation, and delivery of your vessel prior to shipping. Recognizing the importance of operations surrounding delivery as much as the delivery itself, our aim, is to make delivery and management as easy and smooth as possible.


Our satellite tracking services are internationally regarded. Every client is provided with a unique webpage with live visual tracking data, as well as a captain’s log, image galleries and document downloads, all in one place. Our aim is to provide as accessible, transparent and advanced a service as possible for our clients.

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