Our most frequently asked questions about delivery, management and crew.

How does a yacht delivery work?

Reliance Yacht Management is a delivery and logistic company that offers a worldwide delivery service for private boat owners, charter companies and yacht dealers. We hold a vast database of qualified captains and crew around the world, that all possess offshore qualifications and a vast amount of sea miles. We connect our clients with the best captains best suited to their needs. Like every boat, every delivery is unique, and we work closely with our partners and clients to ensure an excellent and bespoke service for relocating and managing your vessel.

What is included in your terms?

Our terms include:

  • captain and crew fees
  • shore support
  • pre-departure and post delivery condition reports
  • satellite tracking

They do not include:

  • yacht insurance
  • marina fees
  • fuel, provisions, and gas
  • captain and crew travel to and from the vessel

Download a copy of our terms here.


What are the payment terms of yacht delivery?

All our work is invoiced in the same manner. We expect minimum 50% of the delivery fee paid up front, along with an expenses advance. Once the job is complete, our clients will receive a statement of account which breaks down what is left to be paid. This will include the second half of the delivery fee and any outstanding expenses that could not be covered by the advance. If requiring additional services, such as QC, handover, or the supply of safety equipment, these will also be most likely invoiced in advance.

Is it best to deliver by freight or under sail?

It depends.

Reliance Yacht Management began by exclusively delivering under sail. But we now offer multi-modal services, inclusive of freight delivery and management. We can liaise with freight companies on your behalf and you can take advantage of our extensive contacts across the industry. Unlike working directly with a freight company, we can offer delivery to the port of embarkation, quality control, handover, equipment, and delivery from the port of arrival. Our end-to-end service in collaboration with freight services ensures our customers peace of mind and the best deal for their money.

Nonetheless, while freight delivery might be more efficient, our expertise and passion still lies in crewed delivery. Delivery by sail provides a unique opportunity to receive knowledge from experienced professionals tailored exclusively to your yacht. Sailing is precisely what your vessel was designed to do and delivery by a seasoned professional under sail allows any potential problems to not only be identified but resolved and serviced before it even reaches you. Yachts are thoroughly cleaned during and after delivery to ensure that when it reaches the client, it looks the same as it did when it first left the factory. Every delivery we offer is a complete service, with cleaning and handover, without compromise.

While delivery by freight might seem easier, delivery under sail can offer a smoother end-to-end service that ultimately costs less. Reliance also offers a unique satellite tracking service and live log that allows you to follow your yacht across oceans and keep up to date with its progress. We use the latest technology and the most qualified captains to ensure safe and efficient delivery.

There are advantages and disadvantages to freight and sail delivery, and sometimes one is more suitable than the other. We are more than happy to advise you on what is best suited to your vessel and its relocation. We work with partners across the industry to ensure our clients receive the best service for their vessel, whether through freight or sail. For more information, email us or request a quote.

Who will be conducting the delivery?

Reliance Yacht Management only works with qualified and experienced delivery captains. Our captains come from a range of backgrounds, including  charter, racing and exploring It is this diversity of knowledge and experience which we pride ourselves on and makes our captains some of the best in the business. We consider each individual delivery carefully when matching it to the right captains, and we do not compromise on ease of location or price when considering the best captain for the job.

Each of our captains is aware of the high standards to which we hold them to and are continually assessed and vetted to ensure the quality and safety of our service.

How do you find crew?

Our captains choose their own crew as we believe that trust and good rapport are key to a successful delivery. This is then checked and balanced through Reliance operational staff who check their CVs, experience, and qualifications.

While our captains take advantage of their own extensive networks, built up through years in the business, we also provide channels for them to choose their crew, including databases and private social media groups. This results in fresh crew and opportunities for those new to the industry.

If you are looking to crew on a delivery, contact us or join our Facebook group.

What is my liability?

There must be hull insurance in place, and it must be valid for the intended voyage. We provide insurance compliance forms for every crew member which detail their relevant qualifications and experience. Delivery Captains always hold individual 3rd party professional liability insurance against negligence whilst on delivery.

What equipment does my yacht need for delivery?

Safety is paramount to everything Reliance does. When joining a yacht for the first time, each captain will inspect and note the location of all safety equipment. They will brief crew on their use in the event of MOB, fire, sinking, etc. We expect all gear to be in good condition and in date. A suggested minimum would be:

  • Life raft
  • Flares
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Wooden bungs
  • Radar Reflector
  • Boat hook
  • Bucket
  • Horseshoe buoy and light
  • Bosun’s chair
  • Toolbox
  • Foghorn
  • Inflatable man overboard pole
  • First aid kit

We understand that many yachts may be new and ex-factory without the necessary safety gear on board. We will be happy to source and deliver equipment to the boat on your behalf. Contact us for prices and further information.

How do I track the delivery’s progress?

Every client receives a unique webpage as part of their delivery with satellite tracking, a live captain’s log, an image gallery, and document downloads. You can see your yacht’s progress and keep up to date with images, videos, and reports, updated as soon as the captain sends them. Our tracking service ensures peace of mind, transparency, and a more enjoyable client experience.

How is my boat protected during delivery?

Whether by freight or sail, we protect yachts in our care to the highest standard. Our captains and crew work to cover all internal surfaces, fixtures, and fittings with padded protection so that boats arrive as if straight from the factory. Furthermore, our captains and crew thoroughly clean the yacht prior to handover; we pride ourselves on our conscientiousness and uncompromised standards.

As the owner, can I join the delivery?

Yes! We welcome owners on delivery; an owner assisted passage can be a fantastic opportunity to build sea miles while gaining knowledge from seasoned professionals that is tailored to your yacht. If you wish to enquire further about owner assisted passages, please contact us or include it in your quote enquiry.

What if I do not need a delivery, but I need professional advice or management?

Reliance Yacht Management offers many services beyond yacht delivery. We aim to offer creative solutions that address every client’s unique need. Our management services include, but are not limited to, freight liaison, quality control, commissioning and handover, captain management and recruitment and yacht repossession. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

What if I like the crew and want to use them regularly?

All our captains are hired on a freelance basis and are more than happy to work under other circumstances apart from yacht delivery. Many of them work throughout the year as charter captains or yacht instructors around the world and on all different types of yachts. Our clients frequently request specific captains for delivery or wish to work with an individual captain on more a long-term basis, whether for private yacht management or skippering for charter guests.

Once captains have worked through Reliance Yacht Management, they are obliged to continue working through our representation. This not only protects captains for all future work but boat owners as well. Reliance Yacht Management makes communication easier and acts as an intermediary between owner and captains, ensuring professionalism, maintained high standards and protection of captain’s rights.

We always recommend contacting Reliance Yacht Management first to request a specific captains for a job so that we can secure the best deal for both parties.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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