We understand that the pleasure in boating is completely dependent upon a reliable, safe, and hassle-free vessel. It is our commitment to take care of your boat and that starts with its initial launch and commissioning.

We have over 20 years accumulated knowledge in yacht commissioning, deliveries, management and logistics, with operational experience in Europe, USA, S. America, Asia and South Africa. Reliance is the number one choice for independent yacht commissioning by dealers and fleet manufacturers worldwide.

Our commissioning and QC service can start with an inspection at the factory followed by the trucking, the launching, QC inspection, preparation, dock trials and sea trials. At each stage care is taken to inspect and record our findings and ensure that the yacht is of a high standard that meets or exceeds your requirements. Full reports are prepared with appropriate images and video to assist owners, dealers and fleet managers make informed assessments of their yachts before they take delivery. The reports are also essential when liaising with QC managers and After Sales.

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Further information

To Find out more about our Quality Control services, see the following PDFs:

* Commissioning Fact Sheet
* Delivery Fact Sheet
* Quality Control Fact Sheet
* Multi Modal Fact Sheet

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