Delivery Crew

Reliance Yacht Management provides opportunities every year for crew to join our deliveries. In 2017/8 our crews visited some of the most exotic (and not so exotic) places in the World, including Antigua, Mediterranean, Mauritius, Seychelles, Australia, Galapagos, Tahiti, Florida, California and Panama. Reliance Yacht Management is the foremost name in yacht deliveries. Joining one of our voyages offers a unique opportunity. For those with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and work with others in a team, trans-ocean sailing is one of the few real adventures that are still possible at a modest cost. More recently we have been able to offer our crews professional positions within the industry. Recent opportunities have included sailing instructors, first mates, charter captains and yacht brokers.

The Team


Our professional captains are perhaps the most experienced yacht delivery skippers afloat with many thousands of sea miles behind them. Their skills and knowledge of sailing gained over the years in many areas around the world are invaluable to the safety and enjoyment of each and every delivery we undertake.







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