Helia 44 Przybyla

Helia 44Helia 44Helia 44Helia 44Helia 44Helia 44

Destination; Newburyport
Captain; Hanna Golebiewska

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18th May 2018; Arrived Newburyport

14th May 2018; Departed Bermuda

12th May 2018; Arrived Bermuda

25th April 2018; Departed Madeira

23rd April 2018; Arrived Madeira

19th April 2018; Departed Cascais

15th April 2018; Arrived Cascais. Captain reports;

Following issue noticed in Cascais after steering system inspection:

Loose (wobbly) connection between starboard rudder shaft and steering system arm. Already visible metal shaving dust accumulation. Port side link is solid.

Also the main outhall line is chaving against the metal parts.

12th April 2018; Captain reports leak in escape hatch. Plan to stop in Cascais to fix under warranty and get initial engine service done.

11th April 2018; Departed La Coruna

10th April 2018; Arrived La Coruna

07th April 2018; Departed La Rochelle

05th April 2018; Captain on board



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