Oceanis 393

Oceanis 393

Welcome to your dedicated webpage. From here you will be able to follow the progress of the delivery, track the  boat and receive updates from the captain and operations desk.


No tracking available at this time.


Here you will see updates on progress from the captain and our operations desk.

25th July 2019: Captain reports:

Topped up fuel in Ottranto. No problems.

22nd July 2019: Captain reports:

Ships registration should arrive today, liferaft should arrive tomorrow. Yanmar will look at the engine today (coolant leak, much too much oil in engine). Sunsail will check fridge, windlass today and bring flares and a boathook. Plan to go to customs Wednesday morning and leave.





Here you will see links to photo and videos of the delivery.


Here you be able to download any relevant documents.


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