Eleuthera 60 MIRELOS – La Rochelle to New York

Hello Nick and all at Reliance yacht management,

I need to thank you and congratulate you and Reliance for the delivery of the Eleuthera 60 MIRELOS.

Our expectations were very high and they were met on every aspect of the delivery from the initial contact with Reliance to the tie up at our marina.

I am extremely grateful that you chose for us  Captain Nicolas Boutteloup. Nicolas is young,  energetic,  extremely knowledgeable in all marine aspects, boat systems and the handling of catamarans.

The crew of MIRELOS was made up of myself and my two sons.  Sailing is not new to us but a big catamaran certainly was.  Thanks to Captain Nicolas’ teaching ability,  patience and energy we are now confident in handling the big cat. The passage from France to the United States was accomplished against the weather patterns due to the start of the hurricane season, not the easiest of passages but accomplished nevertheless without incident.  An extra bonus to having Captain Nicolas aboard was his formidable cooking skills, we always had good meals even in inclement weather.

Whatever maintenance that had to be performed on board from going up the spar to diving under the boat were performed with energy and expertise.  I can’t say enough about Captain Nicolas performance.  I now consider Nicolas my friend.  I must also thank you personally for your patience and understanding in your contact with my wife when communications were interrupted.  Attached are some photos of the passage. Once again my most sincere thanks in all aspects of your service.

Kind Regards,

Miriam and Carlos Nunez

FP60 – La Rochelle toNew York

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