Recent Projects

Here is a selection of deliveries completed over the last few months

Last Updated April 2020

Lagoon 42; Les Sables D’Olonne to Athens

Lagoon 52; Tortola to Ft lauderdale

Nautitech 40 + 46; La Rochelle to Istanbul

Fountaine pajot 42; la Rochelle to Galverston

MY40; La Rochelle to San Diego

Fountaine Pajot 47; La Rochelle to Palm Beach

Sunreef 70; Antigua to Ft Lauderdale

Nautitech 46: la Rochelle to San Diego

MC5; France to Split

Lagoon 450 x 12; France to Caribbean

Oyster 54; Majorca to Southampton

Dufour 30; Hindeloopen to Kiel

Legacy 35; Ft Lauderdale to Lake Okeechobee

Lagoon 39; Les Sables d’Olonne to Sothampton

Lagoon 450; Les Sables d’Olonne to Sothampton

Lagoon 450 Les Sables d’Olonne to Santander

J111; France to UK

Elan 40; UK to Sweden

Catana 581; Grenada to California

Beneteau MC5; Croatia – Malta – Croatia

2 x Beneteau MC5; France to Croatia

Sunreef 74; Poland to Ft Lauderdale

Sun Odyssey 37; UK to Sweden

12 x Lagoon 450; France to Croatia

Beneteau 50 Cyclades; Turkey to Greece

3 x Lagoon 380; France to Croatia

Bavaria 55; Malta to La Coruna

Lagoon 560; Trogir to St Martin

Sun Odyssey 45; Athens to Antwerp

Lagoon 52; Ft Lauderdale to Tortola

Mahe 36; Darthaven to Chichester

Beneteau 41;Ft lauderdale to Tortola

Lagoon 380; BVI to Ft Lauderdale

Hallberg Rassy 42 France to Genoa then freight to New Zealand

Nauticat 42; Chichester to Scotland

Norseman 40; Florida to Puerto Rico; read more

Dufour 44; Croatia to Malta; read more

Lagoon 450; France to Florida

First 42 Florida to Portugal

Lagoon 52 France to BVI

Sadler 34 Spain to Dartmouth

Jeanneau 34 UK to Sweden

Prout 37 UK to Netherlands


Beneteau 323 Croatia to Malta

Foutaine Pajot 60 St Martin to Ft Lauderdale

Mahe 36 France to Massachusetts

Lagoon 450 Florida to Mexico

Beneteau 38 UK to Finland

Lagoon 450 Mexico to Florida

Hanse 400 UK to Stockholm


Beneteau 343 Greece to UK

Bavaria 36 Darthaven to Sweden

Jeanneau 53, Los Angeles to Anacortes

Lagoon 450, Les Sables to Split

Lagoon 39, Les Sables to Split

Sun Magic 44, Trinidad to Spain

Lagoon 380, Les Sables to Spain

Beneteau 40, Greece to Malta


Lagoon 56, Bordeaux to Ft Lauderdale


Lagoon 450 Croatia to Greece


Lagoon 450 France to Tortola


Lagoon 450, France to Florida. More


Gemini 35, Ft Lauderdale to Tortola. More


Bavaria 46 Gosport to Southampton (shipping). See testimonial

Catana 582 Tahiti to Florida. Sea Video

Lagoon 39 New York to Annapolis

Lagoon 39 France to Annapolis


Lagoon 52 France to Annapolis

Lagoon 52 France to Tortola Read Owner’s comments

Jeanneau 49 BVI to Sydney. See Video

Lagoon 420 Tortola to Ft Lauderdale

Gemini 35 Southampton to Dublin

Sun Odyssey 50DS France to Southampton

Lagoon 39 France to Annapolis

Bavaria 36 Netherlands to Sweden

Lagoon 52 France to Annapolis

Lagoon 39 Newport to Annapolis

Gemini 35 Ft Myers to Ft Lauderdale

Shannon 50 Guatemala to Florida

Lagoon 450 France to Croatia x 2

Elan 384 Croatia to Malta

Lagoon 400 France to Croatia

Pogo 10.5 St Malo to Sete

Lagoon 39 France to Croatia

Young Sun 43 Panama to Houston

Lagoon 570 Ft Lauderdale to Gibraltar

FP Helia 44 France to Tortola

Bavaria 46 France to Australia

Gemini 350 Florida to Houston

Lagoon 450 France to Croatia x 2

Lagoon 400 France to Croatia x 2

Jeanneau 32 Brighton to Gothenburg

Lagoon 570 Ft Lauderdale to Gibraltar

Oceanis 40 France to Gothenburg

X Yacht 40 UK to Gothenburg

Elan 40 Ipswich to Stockholm

Beneteau 323 Cardiff to Malmo

Lagoon 400 Lanzarote to Gibraltar

Legacy Gemini 35 Ft Lauderdale to Tortola

Lagoon 450 France to Tortola

Bavaria 36 Annapolis to Tortola

Lagoon 440 Mexico to Tortola

Lagoon 450 Annapolis to Ft lauderdale

Hunter 36 Ft Lauderdale to Annapolis

Leopard 40 Mauritius to Melbourne

Lagoon 620 France to Turkey

Leopard 40 Road Town to Savannah

Arab Dhow Red Sea to France

Wauquiez 48 Gijon to Gibraltar

Hunter 36 Ft Lauderdale to Annapolis

Lagoon 560 Bordeaux to Croatia

Horizon 50 from Malta to Reunion Is

Elan 40 Palma to Ystad

Lagoon 450 from Les Sables to Croatia

Prout 50 from Hong Kong to Adelaide

Lagoon 450 from France to Turkey

X43 from Palma to Wales

Lagoon 450 from Annapolis to Ft Lauderdale

Leopard 40 from Seychelles to Perth

Wauquiez 48 from Gijon to Gibraltar

Elan 34 from Croatia to Italy

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