Beneteau 50 Antigua to Brighton

Beneteau 50 CHi,

Thank you for a quick moment of your time and help.

I was the first mate on the delivery of Amitie, a Beneteau 50, from Jolly Harbour, Antigua to Brighton which finished on 13 June 2008. It was a wonderful trip and I am so thankful for the opportunity however I wanted to take this chance to follow up on everything and make sure there is nothing you guys still need from me.

Things are going great, thanks for all your help and hard work.  I am definitely interested in another delivery however am not available until late July/early August due to some other commitments here.

I would also just like to say that though I wasn’t asked you all should be aware what a great skipper you have in Peter.  I’ve been lucky to sail with a wide range of people and Peter is one of the best skippers I have ever had the honour of learning from.

Thank you again for everything and I look forward to working with reliance again.  Hope all is well, take care and talk soon I’m sure


Beneteau 50 Antigua to Brighton

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