Year: 2013

31 Dec 2013

ISO 9001 Accreditation

Reliance Yacht Management – the World’s Only ISO9001 accredited delivery company

ISO9001 (1)Following a prolonged process of assessment Reliance Yacht Management has had its work processes accredited to the internationally recognised quality management system standard, ISO 9001.

Nick Irving, Director of Reliance Yacht Management, commented: “We are delighted to achieve accreditation, gaining recognition for our commitment to quality and to continuous improvement. We are proud to join over 500,000 organisations across the globe that have established ISO 9001 as the preferred quality assurance standard. We believe that Reliance Yacht Management is the only dedicated yacht delivery organisations in the world to achieve this.

“In working towards this award, we have analysed and challenged every aspect of Reliance’s operations, involving every employee and a number of clients. Our Standard Operating Procedures and Safety Management were reviewed. This has resulted in many improvements to both what we do and how we do it.

“I believe that we are now a much more efficient and agile organisation as a result and our quality of service continues to get better,” he continued.

“It has been a great experience in terms of teamwork and we were all happy and relieved when we received the good news. The award covers our full range of services and we look forward to delight our clients even more in the future.

The award was made through Quality Management Sytems (QMS), a world leader in assessing business processes and products against internationally recognised standards. Their clients include Government Departments, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction, Professionals and Service Organisations

30 Dec 2013

Dusseldorf Boat Show 2014

Boot DusseldorfBoot Dusseldorf is the worlds number one trade fair for boats, yachts, boat equipment, water sports and many more activities related to the leisure marine industry. This international trade fair is the industries melting pot for leading businessmen and women. Suppliers and constructors show off their new and classic designs to a highly international audience.

Now is the time to plan your visit and arrange appointments. Reliance Yacht Management will be there and happy to meet and discuss your yacht delivery and logistics requirements. Contact us.

Boot Dusseldorf International Boat Show 2014

From 18th – 26th of Jan 2014
18 Dec 2013

Christmas At Sea

As we approach the Christmas holidays and make all the preparations needed for the festive season, give a thought for all our captains and crew who will be at sea away from their families. It looks like we will have 5 yachts at sea on Christmas Day, all on the Atlantic.

I personally have spent several Christmas’s at sea and have some great memories of those occasions. The first time was a delivery from Europe from to Antigua. As much as we tried it became clear that we just weren’t going to make it on time for Christmas day and resigned ourselves that at least we will be there for New Year. I remember being called up in the early hours of Christmas morning to take the helm whilst the mate went forward to change the headsail (no furling system). Still half asleep and bleary eyed I remember looking forward to see a large man dressed in boots and red foul weather gear struggling back along the deck carrying a large sail bag over his shoulder – very surreal.

Gail_PortHeadOn another occasion on delivery to Annapolis we knew before departure that Christmas would be at sea and we were able to do a little planning. It was going to be a cold and miserable trip at that time of year.  I was given three packages by my sister; each carefully labelled when to open. The first package was opened on the 1st December and was an advent calendar. The second package opened Christmas Eve contained Christmas decorations. The third package was carefully wrapped and was going to be the only present that we had. The forethought my sister had could not have been better. It contained a multi pack of Mars bars. After nearly three weeks at sea in the cold North Atlantic it was such a treat that was enjoyed by all on board.

Do you have stories of Christmas at sea? Let us know and maybe we will publish them.

17 Dec 2013

Captains Demand High Standards

A Delivery Captain is not judged on how well they can sail. They are judged on how well they deliver. It is taken as a given that they know how to sail and so don’t expect praise for it. Their knowledge and experience of seamanship, pilotage, navigation, meteorology etc. is not questioned. They can sail half way round the world and endure all kinds of technical and weather challenges but it is how the yacht is presented at the end is what the client sees. If they bought a brand new yacht, then that is what they want to see. They will not want to see the stove top stained or scratched, or the autopilot burnt out from being used continuously.

Reliance Yacht Management is the largest and busiest yacht delivery company because our Captains demand high standards from themselves. We understand what our clients require and we deliver a service that exceeds their expectations.

56037.jpgThe picture shows the protection used on a catamaran prior to departure. After 4000 miles the woodwork looked immaculate.

13 Dec 2013

Lagoon 450 Florida to Tortola

Lagoon 450Hi Debbie:

It’s been a short, but nice relationship.  Thank you, Nick and the crew for a job well done.  I will be happy to be a reference should you wish.  You have my credit card information so please just run the invoice total on it.

You guys were a big help to me, perhaps this helps your business in some small way.

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday!


11 Dec 2013

Florida to Tortola delivery completed

Nick Collishaw and coA big thanks to captain Nick for completing his latest delivery of a Lagoon 440 Catamaran “Sweet Chill” from Ft Lauderdale to Road Town, British Virgin Islands. Nick is one of our busiest captains who has completed deliveries for Reliance in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Tortola is a popular destination for our clients, many of whom have commercial charter fleets operating in the area. Recent deliveries to Tortola over the last few months have been from France, Mediterranean, Annapolis and Florida.

The route from Ft Lauderdale is just over 1000 miles but is rare that any delivery is able to take a direct course. The prevailing headwinds force our captains to take long tacks out to the east or motor when the wind is down.

“Sweet Chill” will be the latest proud addition to the BVI Yacht Charters and is already attracting bookings.

27 Nov 2013


dufour-40eDear Mr. Irving

……….your company seems to us very profesional and some people we have in common at DUFOUR YACHTS an BENETEAU Yards talks us very good about you,

We will be in contact,

Kind regards,

Humberto Cervera


27 Nov 2013

Hong Kong to Japan

This summer the Lagoon Dealer in Japan posted this video on YouTube.

Taken on a delivery of L52 catamaran from Hong Kong to Okinawa.

The 870 mile trip took 4 days and 3 hours with a maximum speed of 22 kts!!

The video has no words or fancy music to set the mood – just pure sailing. Enjoy

21 Nov 2013

Boat Show News

The Boat Show season continues.

Dusseldorf 18th to 26th Jan 2014

Meet Reliance Yacht Management in Dusseldorf in January. We shall be there from day one and would love to meet up.


If you are planning to exhibit at any of the Boat Shows next year contact us for the best delivery options. We can provide competitive rates for sailing or shipping on the following schedules

Southampton (13th – 17th Jan 2014) – CNR Eurasia Boat Show (Istanbul)
Southampton (13th – 17th Feb 2014) – Miami Boat Show (Port Everglades)
Southampton (21st-30th Jan 2014) – Le Harve – Genoa – Dubai Boat Show

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