Carisma Loading in Antigua

Reliance manages loading and offloading of transatlantic yacht shipment

Reliance Yacht Management has successfully loaded the yacht, Carisma, in Antigua for shipped delivery to Mallorca.

The yacht was delivered by crew from Grenada to Antigua; from there a Reliance team prepared the boat for shipping and oversaw loading onto the cargo ship. Reliance crew based in Europe will be waiting in Mallorca to offload the yacht and take it to the nearest marina. With Reliance managing the loading process at both ends of the shipment, a careful and consistent delivery is guaranteed. We provide thorough predeparture preparation, independent safety checks, and highly qualified captains to oversee the entire process.

The ship, alongside Carisma, will be delivering super yachts and luxury cruisers such as Sunreefs and Oysters – all of which dwarf the custom built, 43 foot Carisma. At Reliance, we treat every delivery with the same level of care and attention. From straight out of the factory, luxury catamarans to well loved family yachts, every vessel is unique and every vessel deserves a bespoke service that puts safety, care and client peace of mind at the forefront.

Peters and May is the company shipping the yacht across the Atlantic; Reliance Yacht Management is their approved service provider for crewed delivery and loading services. If you would like to know more about Reliance Yacht Management and the services we provide, from management to delivery, please contact us.

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