Lagoon 380 France to Tortola

Lagoon 380Roberto

I have been back in the states now for a couple of days and wanted to drop you an email. By now, you are probably somewhere between Florida and Tortola on your latest delivery. I just wanted to tell you how much that we (Carol and I) appreciated the care that you took in delivering our new boat Lucy from France to Tortola. I can tell you that I was truly shocked at the marvellous condition of  Lucy upon her arrival in Tortola. After 43 days at sea, I expected her to be dirty and caked in salt. The exact opposite was true. She looked like she had just rolled off the showroom floor.

The boat was incredibly clean and contained very few flaws of any kind. The lines, the upholstery, the deck and the cabins looked like new. The condition of the boat is a direct reflection upon your professionalism as a captain. It was a job well done. And while we had only a short time to get acquainted, I truly enjoyed the brief company of you and your crew.

The crew spoke very highly of  you as a captain. I have retained your business card and will certainly call upon you in the future if we have need of your services as a Captain. And if you feel like sharing any part (or all) of your log books from the crossing, I will leave it to your discretion.

I have provided my mailing address below in case you decide to share these.

Mike Glover

Lagoon 380

France to Tortola

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