Clients Get Their Own Webpage

Yacht Delivery – As it happens updates

Reliance Yacht Management launches a new on line service that enhances the client experience of their delivery service.

man-with-laptop-The new service allows yacht owners and fleet operators to follow the progress of their yachts live through satellite tracking. Reliance Yacht management provides a secure dedicated webpage that client can log into and see the progress of their yacht. The site also offers live weather charts of the area. Clients will get updates direct from the captain and the operations desk at Reliance. A popular feature is the video reports provided by the Captain whereby the client can see their yacht and hear direct from the Captain.

The service has been trialled with a few selected clients and has received fantastic feedback. The plan is now to roll the service out worldwide and continue to add and refine features.

The service offers immediate access to the latest information. No need to wait until the captain reports in. Yacht owners can see the position of their yacht and the local weather charts 24/7.

Fleet operators can monitor progress and with accurate ETAs be able to plan for charters and maximise potential revenue.

New Owners can share the excitement and anticipation with friends and family as they see their yacht on line get closer and closer to its new cruising area.

With its responsive design that is accessible on mobile devices, Owners can follow their yacht from virtually anyway in the world.


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