Successful Delivery for Ultra Sailing

Reliance Yacht Management and  Ultra Sailing have a well-established and successful partnership, stretching back many years. We deliver yachts from the major yacht manafacturers in France, and elsewhere in Europe, to Ultra’s charter hub in Split.

This week, after another successful Mediterranean delivery. We received some lovely comments from the owner of one such safely-delivered yacht:

Thanks for the professional delivery of my Astrea 42 to Trogir! Your crew was very efficient and made a safe delivery. Also I had the opportunity to have them for a dinner, and got some real valuable advice first hand. Very nice and professional people.

Every yacht delivery is a unique endeavour – every yacht is different, every day tackling the mighty Bay of Biscay is different! This level of commitment and care does not simply end at a completed delivery, but extends far back into the preparation and communication prior, and long afterwards through conscientious customer care from our captains, crew and office staff. There is a reason that some of our most successful client relationships are our longest standing ones.

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