We Are Pleased to Announce Our Continued ISO 9001 Accreditation

An External Audit Confirms our Continued High Business Standards.

Following a recent external audit we are pleased to announce that we continue to comply and exceed the standards required for the ISO9001 accreditation.

Reliance Yacht Management embraces the value and principles set out by the ISO9001

ISO 9001 is one of the most widely business standards recognized in the world. It is a quality management standard that presents guidelines intended to increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction. The goal of ISO 9001 is to embed a quality management system within an organization, increasing productivity, reducing unnecessary costs, and ensuring quality of processes and products.

Customer focus

This principle is set to guide businesses towards a customer focussed outlook as a part of their commitment to quality. As part of ISO 9001 we demonstrate that our business ensures a balance between satisfying customers and other interested parties – owners, suppliers, yacht builders, dealers, crew, employees, and society in general.


The principle of leadership means we have a clear vision of the company’s future. Strong leadership within a business ultimately results in motivation to work towards goals and objectives across all levels of the business. This mandatory procedure will minimise miscommunication between levels.

Process approach

ISO 9001 is a standard centred on improving processes. Results are achieved when business activities are managed as a process. By systematically defining key activities and factoring in resources, methods and materials Reliance Yacht Management can look to achieve great results.

System approach to management

Each of the processes implemented in our business interlink and contribute to the success of achieving our organisation’s objectives. By measuring and evaluating, our processes will ensure quality and lead to continual improvement.

Continual improvement

This is a permanent objective. With ISO mandatory procedures we have the performance advantage and are able to react quickly and efficiently to opportunities.

Factual approach to decision making

With accurate and reliable data and information available to those who need it informed decisions can be made; again resulting in continual improvement for our business.

Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

Applying the principles of mutually beneficial supplier relationships typically leads to establishing a balance short-term gains with long-term considerations.

Implementing these principles as part of ISO 9001 certification We offer a range of benefits, including improved customer loyalty, better use of our resources, and improved customer satisfaction. Beyond this, we also find that improved processes allow us to obtain market share through fast responses to market opportunities.

Reliance Yacht management is the only yacht delivery company to reach the standards required to be awarded ISO9001.


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