Yacht Tracking

We are the logistics manager for many of the world fleet operators and private yacht owners. Our clients need to know where their yachts are. We need to be able message the boat with updates, charter bookings, changes of destination, receive technical data. For a variety reasons it can be important that clients know the location of their yachts and through us have contact with them. The nature the business means that yachts are out of cell phone range, AIS may not be fitted and satellite phones can accrue high airtime charges. What do we do?

Over the years Reliance Yacht Management has addressed this challenge in several ways, making the use of the latest technology as it develops. It has now become accepted as imperative that there is connectivity wherever they may travel. We need to understand the exact location of our clients’ yachts at all times regardless of location.

Satellite technology is key to yacht tracking. There are a variety of hardware units that work with asset management software so yacht owners and fleet operators can chose the one that suits their budget and their business needs. Some software can track positions every 30 seconds. It is easy to install and accessible from all kinds of devices

Features available through asset tracking software vary by manufacturer, but could include some helpful options. Geo-fences are an example. You can set up a geo-fence and know when an asset has entered or exited the perimeter you set up. A useful feature for bareboat charter companies not wishes yachts to leave their designated cruising area.  You can also improve safety and security by establishing exceptions and receiving alerts that signal suspicious behaviour.

We are able to integrate the online tracking within the clients website or create a secure page within our site for clients to monitor the progress of their yacht on delivery.

We’ve got the solutions that will help keep your yacht safe.

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