Year: 2014

02 Jan 2014

France to Florida Delivery Completed

Nicolas BouteloupA big thanks to captain Nick Bouteloup for completing his latest delivery of a new Lagoon 450 Catamaran from Les Sables d’Olonne and arriving in Ft Lauderdale on New Year’s Eve.  Upgrades will be undertaken in Florida before onward delivery to Mexico. Nick is one of our specialist catamaran captains who has completed many deliveries for Reliance across the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean.

With the help of shore base weather routing, Nick chose a more northern route than one would traditionally expect and took a course via the Bahamas rather than the Caribbean. The decision proved the right one. Despite departing France after a new Lagoon 560 also going to Florida and taking a route via Antigua, he arrived several days ahead.

Nicolas Bouteloup is one of our featured on line Captains.

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