Astrea 42: so much love for such a little boat

Later this week, one Astrea 42 will be gliding safely into port in San Diego, Ca. after covering nearly 8,000nm. It was not through the power of its own sails, but on the deck of a 38,000 tonne cargo ship. Reliance has been collaborating with shipping companies to get this little boat all the way from La Rochelle to California.

Astrea 42 in the slings before being lifted onto the ship in Antwerp

Due to the sheer scale of the job, we agreed with the client that shipping was the most efficient way to deliver the yacht. Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the importance of the human effort on either side of this mega journey. Captain Andy needed to pick the boat up from the Fountaine Pajot factory in La Rochelle, France and sail it to Antwerp, where it would join the ship. Now Captain Justin will be taking care of the final leg of the journey, delivering the boat just around the corner form the main port to its new harbor home.

This delivery has been the product of much collaboration and hard work. But also hopefully the beginning of a long partnership as we bring many more yachts to California along this route.

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