Captain Hoiem: Stella Superstar!

Following on from Captain Kenneth Hoiem’s safe delivery of a Saba 50 from Guadeloupe to Ft. Lauderdale, the client could not sing Hoiem’s praises enough. He said,

Kenneth Hoiem is a superstar!! Can’t thank you enough!!

The client was aboard with their wife during the delivery and was able to see first hand Captian Hoiem’s professionalism and skill. Hoiem helped the couple feel confident and excited about their new yacht; he really showcased what a gift it is to be able to sail in the Caribbean Sea.

While the client has already commented upon Hoiem’s ‘stellar’ delivery, he went out of his way to make sure we knew for certain that Kenneth Hoiem is a great captain.

Kenneth has just completed another delivery from Guadeloupe to Houston, Texas, and is now travelling home for some much needed rest.

Well done Captain Hoiem!

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