Delivering a Catamaran into Charter

Special needs and considerations needed for the delivery of a charter catamaran

Reliance Yacht Management has over the years delivered new and brokerage catamarans into nearly all the major charter fleet companies in the Caribbean and Mediterranean plus others worldwide. We have a particularly unique view of what the charter companies are looking for in their delivery service.

More and more people are buying catamarans and placing them into charter programs all over the globe. Placing a yacht into charter management is a popular way to reduce the cost of the boat and to offset the on-going costs of ownership. There are numerous types of Management programs offered by the industry, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some charter management companies will be rigid in the programmes they offer with no flexibility. Others can be less rigid and able to create a bespoke programme to reflect more the Owners objectives and priorities. Often we have been able to guide Catamaran Owners and potential Owners towards management programmes that may suit their needs.

More often than not it is the charter company and not the Owner that commissions the catamaran and appoints the Delivery Company. And quite rightly the Charter Company will want the best service possible for their clients. They are businesses, with the responsibly for expecting cost effective service solutions. This should not be confused with cost cutting and trying to get the cheapest delivery possible. All our clients understand that the safety of the boat and the crew is a priority above all else. Safety equipment on board needs to be in good order. and meet the legal requirements of the intended cruising area. Captains will undertake safety briefings with the crew including the use and stowage of equipment. All on board need to know how to launch a liferaft, operate the man overboard buoy or where to find the flares in the dark. Reliance Yacht Management works closely with the Charter companies to source and supply the equipment that suits the size of the catamaran and the cruising area. This service extends beyond safety equipment. We are able to the supply spares, tenders, and all the toys. In fact, everything that a well-equipped and professionally run catamaran requires. To have these supplied and on board when the boat is delivered means the minimum preparation time required by the base staff. This helps to reduce operating costs and increase charter availability. The sooner a catamaran is available, the sooner it can start earning.

All our catamarans on long haul deliveries are supplied with satellite tracking and locator beacons. They are primarily there for safety but they also provide an essential management tool. The ability to monitor the catamaran’s progress across the Atlantic and receive more accurate ETAs enables again to maximise the charter income. Good communications are essential for a charter boat on delivery. The captain is able to advise before arrival of any spares required, remedial work or warranty issues that will need attention. After sailing 4000 miles the captain will know more about the boat that anyone. Any issues that need attention will have been identified and fixed before the first charter.

The yacht delivery company is there to supply a smooth and safe transition from the factory or place of purchase into the charter fleet. This requires understanding the methods and priorities of the base staff and making their busy jobs a little easier. To get a catamaran up and running as quickly as possible means the delivery company must share the charter company’s objectives and work closely at all levels to achieve them.

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