Faster Delivery Times with Sea Router Service


Support from our Sea Router service improves crossing time and fuel efficiency.


The image below has been filtered from our Atlantic fleet to show two Lagoon Catamarans that recently departed France bound for Tortola.



Sea Runner departed La Rochelle on the 19th October, two days after the Lagoon 450#561 had departed from Les Sables d’Olonne. Today Sea Runner shows a clear lead and closer to their destination

The route chosen by each is clearly different. Sea Runner had the benefit of our new Sea Router Service. The Lagoon 450 did not.

The Captain on the 450 took the tradition and more conservative route, choosing a direct course via the Canaries to the Cape Verdes Islands to pick up the trade winds. In contrast Sea Runner took a more northerly route via the western side of the Canaries and completely avoiding the Cape Verde.

With daily forecasts and waypoints provided to the captain of Sea Runner he was able to take a route, confident that he could make efficient use of the winds ahead. At times the courses followed was not the most direct but zigzagged downwind as she gybed to make her best VMG along the rhumb line to Tortola.

It should be stressed that these boats are not racing. There is no bonus or kudos attached with beating another boat on delivery. These boats are independent and are unaware of each other or any of the other boats we have crossing at the same time. Each captain’s objective is to look after the boat they are on and to make an efficient and safe passage.

Now that Sea Runner has passed the 450 we expect the distance between them to increase.

The added benefit of making efficient use of winds is reduced fuel consumption. Sea Runner has been able to conserve so much that she is now able to motor sail the remainder of the voyage should she choose to. The Lagoon 450 must continue to ration its fuel reserves. At time of writing this there is less than 100 miles between them. Sea Runner is making 8.2 kts, the 450 only 4.5 kts.

The benefits of the Sea Router Service to our clients include;

Shorter delivery times

Reduced fuel costs
Improved charter availability
Reduced risk from severe weather
More accurate ETAs

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