Reliance Marine Store Opens, the leading supplier of yachting equipment  today announced its launch of their new website. As part of Reliance Yacht Management, which prides itself on creating unique support to the leisure marine market, they have tied up with all the major equipment manufacturers to supply discounted equipment worldwide.

“We are thrilled to launch which showcases selected products”, says owner and MD of Reliance Yacht Management, Nick Irving, “Our passion and dedication is to support yacht owners and fleet managers and this site offers them more benefits.

Reliance Yacht Management has been providing charter and safety equipment to dealers, brokers and yacht builders for almost 20 years. To extend that service to all yacht owners is well overdue. The site will initially supply a select number of safety equipment, GPS and communication solutions. The inventory will quickly grow in response to demand and client inquiries.

To learn more about the site, expansion plans, or look for a particular marine product, visit or contact

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