Reliance Yacht Management teams up with Catamaran Dealer

Lagoon Catamaran Dealers continue to team up with leading professional yacht delivery company, Reliance Yacht Management

LAGOON-450415-2.JPGLagoon Catamaran Dealers continue to team up with leading professional yacht delivery company, Reliance Yacht Management. The result creates benefits to both the dealer and the yacht owner. For the yacht Owner, a period of orientation and extended handover provides valuable familiarisation and enjoyment of their new purchase. The service can be customised to suit the client needs. Recently we have been providing two day orientation courses for new Owners collecting their yachts direct from factory in France. The course covering sail handling, manoeuvring and maintenance. On other occasions we have provided a captain for the initial part of a voyage and giving support and confidence to the owner to continue on. Yacht deliveries still remain the biggest demand, moving Lagoon catamarans direct to the Owner anywhere in the world.

For the yacht dealer, the benefits of using Reliance Yacht Management are many. As a representative in France, Reliance Yacht Management receives the boat on their behalf, check inventory, and carry out QC inspections. They can provide safety and charter equipment, and stow on board. This saves the brokers time and money who no longer need to travel to France as often. Reliance Yacht Management role is to look after their clients.

Their services to Lagoon owners have been tested and enjoyed by many dealers worldwide.  Managing Director and founder, Nick Irving proudly announces that this year already they have worked with many Lagoon Dealers and Charter Fleets including;

Zenza2Ancasta UK
Baotic, Germany
Baotic, Croatia
Katamaran, Norway
Katamaran, Finland
Katamaran, Germany
Nava boats, Croatia
Catamaran Company, USA
Sound Yachting, USA
Horizon Yacht Charters


Services are provided by a select group of highly experienced, qualified and professional catamaran captains and QC agents who already have specific experience of the Lagoon brand. Their experience comes from a knowledge of delivering catamarans all around the world, including northern Europe, Mediterranean, the USA, Middle East, Indian Ocean, Caribbean, Suez and Panama Canal, Tahiti, Tonga, New Zealand and Australia.

Dealers can be confident that they and their clients will benefit from these services from Reliance Yacht Management.

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