Three Catamarans Shipped to Australia

Charter Company Required Three Catamarans to be Shipped to Australia

Reliance Yacht Management understood the requirements and logistics to undertake this multi-modal delivery and coordinate the various facets of the project.

The brief was that the yachts were to be launched, rigged, commissioned and sailed from France to Belgium. There they would be derigged and prepared to be taken back out of the water before being put on a ship bound for Australia.

At relatively short notice the full Reliance Management team were able to supply specifically experienced Captains and crew, organise the trucking and launching, liaise with the commissioning team and complete extensive quality control reports before moving them to Zeebrugge.

The operation needed to be organised with military precision to ensure the right people were in Belgium to receive the yachts, adequate cranes were booked, and port facilities made available to ensure the three yachts met the target time to be loaded on the ship.

The benefits to the client were;

  • By outsourcing the complete project to Reliance, the client was relieved of all the logistical nightmares of the project and could benefit from the management, experience, personnel and contacts of Reliance Yacht Management.
  • Overheads were kept to a minimum by limiting time spent in port.
  • The client was able to track the fleet via the internet at every stage of the delivery.
  • Reliance Yacht Management produced a condition report with photos and inventory check for each. Thus enabling the client to advise the receiving charter base and order any items prior to their arrival in Australia.

The client gave praise to the shore based management and the crew who all helped to make the project go smoothly and with only a few days notice.

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