Delivery Crew Find Capsized Trimaran

Trimaran spotted drifting almost exactly 5 years after capsize

On the  3rd December 2010 it was reported that Lalou Roucayrol’s Multi50 trimaran Région Aquitaine – Port-Médoc had capsized while on a delivery back from the finish of the Route du Rhum. It happened in possibly the worst position around 1,000 miles from Bermuda, the Azores and the Caribbean.

On Satuday 5th December 2015 it was sighted floating NE of Madeira. Delivery Captain Hanna Golebiewska on board the Lagoon 450 catamaran and reported the position to the operations office at Reliance yacht Management who immediately advised the Coast Guard. The organisers of the Route de Rhum have also been advised

Roucayrol, and his three crew sheltered initially in the interior of central hull to await rescue but had to clamber out and wait on the trimaran’s upturned centre hull when hatches failed

A British cargo ship La Scala bound for Gibraltar diverted to the upturned trimaran to recover the crew.

The hull is clearly a hazard to shipping and yachts in the area. Any future reports will allow us to predict future positions.

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