Bali Catamarans: A Slice of Paradise

We have noticed a significant rise in the number of Bali catamarans we have been delivering this year – and it’s easy to understand why! Reliance Managing Director, Nick Irving, calls the yachts ‘good looking and a pleasure to sail and deliver.’ He notes that there has been hardly any technical difficulties on these deliveries with only positive feedback from captains, ‘we love delivering these yachts and cannot wait for more people to know about them so we can deliver more!’

Currently, Captain Dylan Le Roux is delivering a Bali 4.8, transatlantic, from the Catana shipyard in Canet en Roussillon, France to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While Captain Pavol Cizmar has just embarked upon delivery from Catana’s other factory in Tunisia, heading for Split, Croatia.

It is not just the catamarans themselves that have impressed our captains and staff, but the people at Catana too. When Captain Pavol arrived in Al Huwariyah to pick up the yacht, he discovered that the shipyard staff had filled the boat with fuel and fully stocked provisions!

Captain Pavol is just off the Croatian coast now and Captain Dylan is passing by Cuba, turning up to Florida now. We’re looking forward to sharing our praises with each yachts’ respective clients and can’t wait to deliver more soon.

Contact us if you have a Bali catamaran or any yacht in need of delivery and we will provide logistical solutions that work for you!

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