Captain of the Month: Philippe Gigon Le Grain

Philippe Gigon Le Grain is our captain of the month for May! He has been sailing professionally for nearly 30 years with extensive experience and knowledge of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

Captain Philippe Gigon Le Grain

Despite his extensive experience, Philippe has never been fazed at the prospect of yacht delivery. He is one of our most enthusiastic captains, always seeking out the next job, and has been contracted to deliver 4 yachts this year already. He has sailed over 90,000 nm as a captain and has worked in super yacht management, running a Shipman 72 from 2009 to 2014 around the Mediterranean.

In order to showcase Philippe as the talented and accomplished skipper that he is, we asked him a couple of questions, covering his sailing origins, career highlights and future plans.

How did you get into sailing and what has led you to continue with it as a career?

I started sailing when I was 6, then went to Corsica with my family with a small sailing boat when 8. I kept close to the sea and explored most sports around it until 22, when I graduated from university. I then started to live for my passion for adventure, nature and freedom.

Shipman 72 GEOMETRY

What has been your career/sailing highlight so far?

Managing a Shipman 72 for 5 years for a Russian owner. Boat and clients were exciting. I stopped for a new adventure in Croatia.

What is the job’s greatest challenge?

Being able to ensure the best service no matter the conditions. When storms happen we must remember that it will be gone one day or the other.

Lagoon 46 recently delivered by Captain Philippe from France to Greece


Where do you see yourself in the future?

In between a boat and my house in south of France.

Do you have any advice for those looking to become a delivery captain? 

Start with missions you can handle without stress and build on from that.

What is your favourite knot?

Dead turn and 2 half key.


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