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22 Jul 2019

Climate Conscious Changes to Shipping

Earlier this year, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) took action on the environmental impact of international shipping; they agreed to implement tougher rules on sulphur emissions in what has been called ‘the biggest shake-up for the oil and shipping industries for decades.’ (Reuters)

Currently ships, on average, use fuel with a 3.5% sulphur content. From January 2020, the IMO will be enforcing a flat out ban on ships using fuel with a sulphur content above 0.5%. There is the option for ships to continue to use high-sulphur fuel, but only if they are fitted with sulphur-cleaning devices, scrubbers. Cleaner sources of fuel, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), will also be offered to ship owners as another option.

IMO’s aims are to improve human health by reducing air pollution, and has cited their own study that estimates over 570,000 premature deaths will be prevented from 2020-2025 through the introduction of these tighter regulations.

If ships fail to comply with the new global regulations fines will be enforced and ships could even be detained. This could affect vital requirements such as insurance cover.

This will inevitably affect those seeking yacht deliveries through shipping; prices will increase through the impact of adapting ships’ fuel systems , as well as secondary costs such as insurance. We will be keeping our customers updated as things unfold.



04 Nov 2014

In Praise of our Clients #3

In praise of our clients; “we couldn’t do it without them.”

Club Services Logo




In this third posting in the series “In Praise of our Client” we highlight one of major yacht brokers  in the Mediterranean .

Club Services is run by a team of sailing enthusiasts with professional technical experience led by Alfred Caruana and specialising in different aspects of sailing. Club Services started operating more than twenty five years ago as a brokerage firm , importing second hand sailing boats. Later it also included boat maintenance services, having a section specialising in rigging and sails, headed by a highly experienced engineers.

Club Services grew at a fast rate in recent years due to the strategy adopted at its retail level. Instead of having one outlet and competing with others, Club Services makes partnership agreements and shares its resources with these partners. This results in a win-win situation, with the consumer having the highest benefit from this synergy. Their past customers are witness to the excellent service Club Services always provided, intends to maintain, and of course, develop further. Their motto is to make the acquisition and ownership of a boat a pleasant experience – a philosophy shared by Reliance Yacht Management. Club Services specialises in first time buyers giving a complete service and advice in the first years of boat ownership.  With its network of partners from all around the Mediterranean Club Services are certain to select the right boat at the right price.

Club Services is a client as well as an Affiliate who represent Reliance Yacht Management in Malta.

More details at

Club Services Malta
1 De Hosa Street
Santa Lucia  SLC 1862
Tel  00356 99869621

05 Jun 2014

Seren Wen Website Goes Live

Our Central Agency yacht Seren Wen has launched its dedicated website.

Seren WenMediterranean based Seren Wen is a Moody 64 Performance Cruising Yacht, launched in 2003 and is in immaculate condition having always been maintained by a professional crew. The owner has spared no expense in keeping her in perfect order. She is outfitted for luxury and welcomes you with all the comforts of home in fast and stable cruising style.


Visit to latest updates and pictures.


14 May 2014

Central Yacht Agency

At clients’s request Reliance Yacht Management launches a premium Central Agency service. The Central Yacht Agency will promote our client’s yachts through the charter industry database networks accessed by hundreds of brokers worldwide. We provide the booking service, handle contracts and put the yacht charter income into our client’s bank.

Seren WenAimed, not at the Superyacht market but at the 60 – 80 ft range of professional run yachts that wish to start generating revenue from charters.

more at


16 Apr 2014

New Central Agency S/Y Seren Wen

Dear All,

We are delighted to announce our new C/A Sailing Yacht Seren Wen, a luxury Moody 64 based in the Western Mediterranean

Seren Wen was launched in 2003 and is in immaculate condition having always been maintained by a professional crew. The owner has spared no expense in keeping her in perfect order. She is outfitted for luxury and welcomes you with all the comforts of home in fast and stable cruising style

For more information & broker friendly brochure, please Click here

Looking forward to receiving your inquiries

Seren Wen









Best Regards


29 Oct 2013

Leading Yacht Directory Joins Reliance

man-with-laptop-Leading Yacht directory joins the Affiliate Programme

You will find hundreds of new sailing yachts and motor boats on this website. Whether you’re looking for a new racing yacht, a luxury speed boat or a classic fishing boat, choosing the right yacht or boat type has never been easier.

By joining up with Reliance Yacht Management, can offer extra services and value to its clients. Yacht delivery is an essential factor to be considered when buying a yacht.

See what can offer.

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