Year: 2016

09 Aug 2016

Lagoon 380 France to Tortola

It is always risky asking clients for feedback

You may learn some difficult truths but it is essential to understand the customer experience. How else will you improve your service? Negative feedback should be considered as constructive and acted upon. Positive feedback should be celebrated and shared.

And this is the latest positive feedback.

Dear Nick:

Thanks a lot for requesting feedback (another positive trait around how you choose to do business).  Even when I don’t have any previous experience I can certainly provide the following comments:

  • Superb customer service
  • Extremely professional and diligent
  • Great combination of personal contact (at least by email) and live technology tracking (GPS)
  • Great to receive pictures and updates posted directly by the Captain

I’m extremely pleased, so a big Thank You to you and the rest of the Team.


05 Aug 2016

Yacht Tracking

We are the logistics manager for many of the world fleet operators and private yacht owners. Our clients need to know where their yachts are. We need to be able message the boat with updates, charter bookings, changes of destination, receive technical data. For a variety reasons it can be important that clients know the location of their yachts and through us have contact with them. The nature the business means that yachts are out of cell phone range, AIS may not be fitted and satellite phones can accrue high airtime charges. What do we do?

Over the years Reliance Yacht Management has addressed this challenge in several ways, making the use of the latest technology as it develops. It has now become accepted as imperative that there is connectivity wherever they may travel. We need to understand the exact location of our clients’ yachts at all times regardless of location.

Satellite technology is key to yacht tracking. There are a variety of hardware units that work with asset management software so yacht owners and fleet operators can chose the one that suits their budget and their business needs. Some software can track positions every 30 seconds. It is easy to install and accessible from all kinds of devices

Features available through asset tracking software vary by manufacturer, but could include some helpful options. Geo-fences are an example. You can set up a geo-fence and know when an asset has entered or exited the perimeter you set up. A useful feature for bareboat charter companies not wishes yachts to leave their designated cruising area.  You can also improve safety and security by establishing exceptions and receiving alerts that signal suspicious behaviour.

We are able to integrate the online tracking within the clients website or create a secure page within our site for clients to monitor the progress of their yacht on delivery.

We’ve got the solutions that will help keep your yacht safe.

04 Aug 2016

Yacht Delivery with all-Female Crew

We want to say a big thank you to Anna Abramek and her all female crew for the safe delivery of our client’s Bavaria 34 from Gillingham, Kent to Sonderborg, Denmark.

Nick Irving of Reliance Yacht Management said “This is the first time we have completed a contract with an all-female crew. We have over half a dozen highly experienced and qualified ladies with whom we contract as yacht delivery Captains but this is the first will all girl crew. It wasn’t planned, it just happened.”

Thanks again to Anna and her crew Carolyn and Sarah. The photo shows a clearly very happy customer.

09 Jun 2016

Switch 55 Antigua to Texas

Reliance yacht Management was recently tasked to supply a captain to assist the new Owner in the delivery of a Switch 55 catamaran from Antigua to Corpus Christi.

Yes, it would be a pleasure to talk to any prospective client as a reference for your firm’s services.

Lucas did an outstanding job.  Thank you.




24 May 2016

Sunsail First 40 to Portsmouth NH

Sunsail F40 yacht delivery.
Gocek to Istanbul then Delaware to Portsmouth NH

Hi Nick,
Thank you for selecting a very capable Captain for us!  The Captain and his mate left our boat very clean!  And since it had just been commissioned, I am willing to bet he had to do some cleaning before leaving Delaware!

Additionally, he did not complain when he discovered that the Shipping Line Captain did not disconnect the LP Gas connection last November.  This connection rusted over the winter, leaving the stove inoperable for the trip to NH from Delaware.  The weather is still very cold here to travel without hot food; so the lack of complaints is amazing!

Mike and I really appreciate all that you have done for us! Our boat would still be in Gocek without all your work!!

All our best,

Anita & Mike

06 May 2016

Jeanneau 64 France to Palma

After completion of the delivery with the Owner on board from Les Sables D’Olonne to Palma, Mallorca the broker sent these kind words;

Hey Nick,

the boat arrived in good condition and the owner is pretty happy. Your skipper did a perfect job and was very friendly and nice to the owner and his crew. In all conditions he had the boat and the crew under control. The weather conditions were bad  but all of the people are fine.

Thanks a lot to you and the skipper.

Best regards


20 Apr 2016

How Did That Boat Get There?

You’ve decided to buy your first boat. That’s great – well done.  Two thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water, You are now able to see more of the planet than ever before and much more than walking, or by car, or even flying. There are many reasons why people buy yachts, to cruise, to race, to explore, to relax, to live aboard and a good broker will advise what is best for you. Along with yacht ownership comes certain responsibilities and requisite services such as insurance, finance and moorings. These are obvious and will come as no surprise, and many will already have at least a minimum understanding of them. The one service that is often overlooked, mis-understood and often forgotten about, almost until the sale is made, is the delivery.

Seeing the latest 45ft production catamaran at Annapolis in its pristine boat show condition, one can be forgiven for not giving any thought as to how it got there. Walk around any boat show, marina or boat yard in the world and you will see vessels built in France, South Africa, Poland, China, Brazil and many other places. There is no restriction geographically on the yachts available to purchase because of specialist delivery services.

A yacht may undertake one or more mode of transport on its way to market. The first being is to get the yacht from the factory to it natural environment – water. No problem if the manufacturer is right there on the water and no more than a crane and slings are needed. But more often than not yachts are built away from the coast and need to negotiate the public highway.

With the average size of pleasure yachts increasing every year, this becomes an ever increasing challenge to the trucking companies. Specialised trucks have the ability to manoeuvre under, around and over obstacles. It is a regular sight for some residents in the Vendee, France to see 45 ft Catamarans going past, inches from their bedroom windows on their way to Les Sables d’Olonne.

Commissioning completes the building process and launches the boat. So now the boat is in the water and with access to the sea that connects to the rest of the world. A properly designed, built and commissioned yacht can, in the right hands go anywhere in the world.

Professional and specialist delivery captains sail many thousands of miles every year moving yachts to boat shows, dealers, charter fleets and private owners around the world. Commuting to work can be sailing from France to the Caribbean or Cape Town to Florida. It takes a special kind or captain to do this work. A special mind-set is needed for sailing deliveries that is neither cruising nor racing. Every aspect of the job is to get the yacht to the destination safely, efficiently and in perfect condition. Time taken before departure is spent identifying potential areas that need protection.

Stove tops are covered in foil, cushions are removed and stowed or covered in plastic, mattresses covered and yards of pipe insulation are used to protect vulnerable edges. With interiors stripped and protected it will look nothing like the boat you saw at the boat show. There is a good video that we produced a few years ago that shows the whole process.


With 4000nm to go, surfaces are covered and even offcuts from a local carpet store are used to protect the floor. Outside, all cushions are removed and stowed below away from sunlight never to be used on delivery.

So you’ve done your homework, followed up on references, asked your broker for recommendations, read the small print and appointed the delivery company.   Now is a leap of faith. You hand over your money and the keys to the boat. Your baby, your dreams, your future happiness is in the hands of others who you may never meet. And the delivery company takes your money and your boat and sails away with it. Sounds scary – but it shouldn’t be. By choosing an established delivery company and not just a private captain you will have the reassurance that there is always someone there at the end of the phone to answer all you questions. The delivery company may set up a dedicated webpage just for you that enables you to follow the delivery as satellite tracking follows your boat. You receive photos, videos, weather updates, ETAs, reports from the captain and support staff. You will be comforted in the fact that a professional captain and shorebased support team have your interests at heart and the boat is in safe and experienced hands. You can relax and enjoy following the delivery live on line, share the anticipation of its arrival with friends and family and engage with the process of it delivery as you see the row dots increase across the screen to the boat’s destination.

There is a good video made by a crewmember that shows life on board a boat on delivery. The cooking, cleaning, and the constant vigilance to keep the boat in great condition.

And then it arrives.

It can take a good 24-48 hours to give the boat a good deep clean, to put the cushions back, put curtains up, remove all the protection and write up the condition reports. The captain has just sailed your boat hundreds or thousands of miles. He knows it. Take time to de brief and get a better understanding of your boat.

Now enjoy.

11 Apr 2016

Lagoon 450 France to Ft lauderdale

To Whom It May Concern:
Hanna Golebiewska was the captain of the crew that sailed our new Lagoon 450
from La Rochelle, France, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida this winter. The boat arrived
safely and in excellent condition.
Although Hanna has the strength of personality to be in command of her crew, she
also possesses kindness and warmth. She arrived in France with one other crew
member from Poland, and met the other crew members for the first time in front of
us, having selected them from their resumes and her online chats with them. She
must be a very good judge of character, because they were all capable, wonderful
people. It was heartwarming to see the bond they had created by the time they
reached the other side of the Atlantic. She had the ability to mold these previous
strangers into an efficient crew.
She is very accommodating and frugal, and does not compromise on safety issues.
She is also extremely clean, keeping surfaces on the boat covered and protected
from wear and tear, and using only what was absolutely necessary. Even when two
tiny stove knobs were damaged accidentally, she made sure to purchase new ones
when she returned to France, and personally delivered them to us on her next

We wish her the very best in her future endeavors!
Captain Brian and Carol

23 Mar 2016

Garmin acquires Delorme Tracking Systems

Schaffhausen, Switzerland and Yarmouth, Maine/March 3, 2016/Business Wire – Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of DeLorme, a privately-held company that designs and markets consumer based satellite tracking devices with two-way communication and navigational capabilities.

“We are pleased to have the DeLorme team join the Garmin family,” said Cliff Pemble, president and CEO of Garmin. “We are looking forward to leveraging the outstanding expertise and skills of the DeLorme team to enable the development of innovative products that will enhance the lives of our customers.”
DeLorme pioneered the inReach series of affordable two-way satellite communication devices for the consumer market. These GPS-enabled devices allow the user to send and receive satellite text messages or trigger an SOS for emergency help, anywhere in the world. In addition to inReach, DeLorme has an extensive library of digital cartography and enterprise GIS software, as well as traditional mapping.
Garmin will retain most of the DeLorme associates and will continue operations at its existing location in Yarmouth, Maine. The facility will operate primarily as a research and development office and the team will continue to develop two-way satellite communication and cartographic solutions. Financial terms of the transaction were not released.
About Garmin Ltd.
Garmin Ltd. is incorporated in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and its principal subsidiaries are located in the United States, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Garmin is a registered trademark of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries.
The InReach SE tracking system is being introduced into long haul deliveries by Reliance Yacht Management and is available through the Reliance Marine Store
17 Mar 2016

Introducing The InReach SE

We are excited to announce that the Reliance Marine Store is now offering the InReach SE from Delorme. This tracking and location device also allows free text. We have tested the unit on our Atlantic deliveries and found it an invaluable asset for the safety and monitoring of our clients yachts.

Buy Now

inReach SE: How It Works

inReach SE (Screen Edition) is the satellite communicator from DeLorme that puts amazing functionality in the palm of your hand without having to pair the device:

  • Send and receive free-form, 160-character text messages outside of cell phone range.
  • Trigger an SOS and interact back and forth with GEOS, our 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center.
  • Turn on tracking to share and view GPS coordinates.
  • Color screen and virtual keyboard with predictive text.
  • Intuitive LED indicator for satellite availability.
  • Audible message notifications.
  • Internal, rechargeable lithium battery lasts about 100 hours at continuous operation at 10-minute tracking intervals with a clear view to the sky. Extended tracking mode can extend battery life even more for long-haul trips.
  • Designed for maximum durability in harsh environments (waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant).
  • Post to social media.
  • Built on award-winning technology pioneered with our first inReach device.

Pair inReach SE for the Complete Experience

Both inReach models can be used in conjunction with DeLorme’s Earthmate app on a mobile device and our Explore web portal. When paired with your mobile device, the capabilities of either inReach product is enhanced. Previously downloaded map data is only accessible during paired mode. Pairing inReach allows you to use your mobile device to send messages from the Earthmate app.
Earthmate App

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a global satellite communication and navigation tool with our free Earthmate app:

  • Worry-free navigation and journey tracking.
  • Unlimited access to downloadable topographic maps and NOAA charts on your paired mobile device.
  • Automatically syncs with your mobile device’s address book for easy texting.
  • Pairs via Bluetooth.

Explore Web Portal

Prepare and share your journey with family and friends with our Explore web portal:

  • Share your location and trip details with MapShare, including tracking and GPS information.
  • Invite others to “ping” your inReach to see your location, activate tracking and exchange messages.
  • Load preset messages to your inReach.
  • Link to your social media accounts.
  • View all your previous trips and messages.
  • Manage your account and settings, including emergency contacts.
  • Update your inReach firmware.

Use It. Abuse It. But Don’t Lose It.

Prepare and share your journey with family and friends with our Explore web portal:

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